5 Reasons Cold Calling a Retail Account Won’t Work.

Have you tried calling? Sending samples to the right buyer? Rare, but even speak to a buyer? Did you get a sale? Chances are the answer is "no". These are the top 5 reasons why...

1. Buyers are busy. They are reviewing hundreds of SKUs they have on shelf currently. They don't have a lot of time to review new products to begin with.

2. New companies are risky for buyers. Do you have enough inventory? Do you have insurance? credit?

3. You product is "too innovative". Yes. I said it. Buyers hate innovative products. Consumers don't have an established frame of reference with your product. It will require education and possibly a behavior change. These 2 things = no bonus for the buyer.

4. You are not connected in the business. If you need to cold call, that means you don't have the right contacts in the business to reach the buyer through a rep. This signals to the buyer - you don't know the business/industry.

5. You have no credibility.

What to do? Get a rep to get you an appointment and GO WITH THE REP to present your product.

Good Luck and Good Selling!