5 Things A Retail Buyer is Thinking About During Your Product Sales Presentation.

In an effort to help you better prepare for your sales meeting with a retail buyer, I put together a list of things the buyer is thinking about during your sales presentation. Once you know what the buyer is thinking about, make sure your presentation touches on these topics. Most buyer meetings will be no more than 1/2 an hour so time yourself.

The buyer is thinking about...

1. Do I like the person. Yes, the buyer is judging your product based on you. How are you dressed? Do you come across as professional or sloppy? Are you dressed appropriately. Ask your sales rep for the dress code of the account and match that. Back in the day you wore a suit to a sales call. Today it varies by account. Are you shy or aggressive? Depending on where the account is located you may need to tone down your sales style. I learned this myself when calling on Petco (San Diego) and Petsmart (Phoenix). I am from NYC and was like a hurricane touching down on the buyer. I had to cool it a bit.

2. Do I like the product. Will it sell? Is it new and different or a me-too? Make sure to touch on the points of difference and the benefits rather than features of the product.

3. Where could I merchandise it? How will it fit into the plan-o-gram. When is the next plan-o-gram reset?

4. What is the price point and margin? Can I make money with this item?

5. Will it help me make my bonus this year or next? This is important. If your product is very new and innovative it may put the buyer's bonus at risk. This is why a lot of true innovative products never make it on the shelf. Sometimes a variation on an existing product has more chance of success than a really innovative product.

Good luck & good selling!