What a Bulldog Can Do For Your Business.

Here are a few things Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. can do for your business. Please read our other posts for FREE helpful tips on marketing your products.

1. Strategy - We'll help you develop your launch plan or product marketing plan. What are your objectives? Where do you want to take your business? Bulldog will help you plan for success.

2. Brand Name development - We will give you several names to choose from and conduct the preliminary online trademark search to see if it's available. We have named tons of products.

3. Logo development
- A logo is more than your name in a fancy Powepoint font. We'll give you several logo treatments to choose from and we'll refine it until you're happy.

4. Advertising
- We will create your ad. Whatever kind you need - print, online (banner/Adwords), TV, Radio, Newspaper. We use experienced designers and we don't have the overhead of large agencies so we can do it cheaper and just as good (if not better!).

5. Retail Sales - The one thing you need to get into retail is the right relationships. We have them. We can get you in front of a buyer at Petco, Petsmart, Pet Supplies "Plus", Regional Distributors, Target, Wal-Mart, QVC, & HSN. We also know CVS & RiteAid.

6. Infomercials - Want to sell your product directly to consumers? We can help. We can take the complexity out of scripting and producing your very own infomercial. We'll also get the call canter and fulfillment house ready to go.

7. Social Media - Always wanted a Facebook page and Twitter account? We'll create and customize them and help you get likers (fans) on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

8. Websites - Need a website quickly? We can get you a professional one created in a week or so. Blog style or product focused - it's your call.

9. Public Relations
- Need a press release and ideas for how to get press pickup? Yep, Bulldog can help. We know the editors at Pet Business, Pet Product News and Pet Age among several others.

10. Be Your Marketing Department
- You don't want to hire staff to run your marketing? No problem. Get a Bulldog instead. We can handle all of your marketing for much less than hiring just one junior staff member. At Bulldog your business is handled by senior level marketing staff only.

Contact us at info@bulldogms.com for a comprehensive proposal. Please include your website and contact info.

Also, check out our ad in June's Pet Business. Preview attached.