Pet Product Marketing from the Manufacturer’s Point of View.

That’s the Bulldog Difference! We understand your perspective. Why is this important? You probably already know. Traditional ad agencies have their own agenda and they have no idea what it’s like on a Petco sales call! They also like to treat every client like they are Procter & Gamble (and try to bill you that way too!). The world has changed and many agencies haven’t. Most companies simply don’t have the budget for a large TV campaign to drive awareness. But if all you have is a hammer, every solution is a nail.

Bulldog is run by experienced pet product manufacturers -- not advertising people. We get it that small companies need sales and very efficient marketing that makes the cash register ring. Our minimum retainer is only $500/month for 5 hours. If you want to go over those hours we bill you at $75/hour to keep your project on track. Take a look at all of the FREE Pet Product Marketing information on this website - does that sound like your current marketing firm? Why not contact us for FREE 30 minute consultation? We’ve been known to give a lot away during that ½ hour. Hope to speak with you soon.