5 FREE Pet Marketing Resources

Here are 5 pet marketing resources that are absolutely FREE.  I hope you find them useful to your own business.

1. I put together a Twitter list of the top 10 pet marketing experts.  Check it out...Pet Marketing Experts.

2. Here is a quick video covering pr, SEO and blogging for your pet business.  3 Pet Marketing Tactics You Can Use Today To Sell More Tomorrow.

3. Here is my white paper, "Confessions of a Pet Product Marketer" which is chock full of free pet marketing advice.

4. If you liked #3 there is also a fun video of the same name.  Sometimes it has problems loading, so if you have an issue just hit reload.

5. Here is a nice sell sheet outline.  You need one of these to sell into distributors.  Pretty handy.

Well that's it for now.  If you are looking for more free pet marketing advice, checkout my Pet Marketing Blog.


3 Pet Marketing Tactics You Can Use Today to Sell More Tomorrow

Hi Fellow Pet Marketers,

I finally got around to starting my Pet Marketing Video Lesson Series.  Glad we are off and running.  Here is the first video in the series. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel to leave comments/questions/feedback here on the pet marketing blog or on YouTube.  I'll be checking both.  Thanks.


This is a short Pet Marketing how-to video that covers 3 simple marketing tactics to help pet product manufacturers and services sell more. Topics covered include:

1. Public Relations - Write a press release and submit it to petpr.com and reach pet influencers like pet trade magazines, pet bloggers and TV news producers that focus on pet.

2. SEO - Start learning about search engine optimization, do keyword research to figure out what people are searching for when they are looking for your product or service and optimize your website's title tag to include the keyword.

3. Start a blog - Blogging increases web traffic and inbound links (which helps with SEO). It also helps you become an authority in your product or service category.

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I just submitted the Pet Marketing Blog to Technorati!

I want to spread the word about the Pet Marketing blog.  I just submitted my blog to Technorati this morning and hope to get listed.  They require a code in a post to verify that I am the owner.  My code happens to be M8RSU2T7FGKC.

Have you listed your blog at Technorati?  You should. For more details visit http://technorati.com/.

Pet Marketing is Dead!

But was it ever alive?

The pet industry is a strange breed. However, I can’t be too harsh because it is also the industry that has employed me for over 10 years. Just for reference I started my career in marketing research and the consumer packaged goods industry. I've also spent a few years in Consumer Electronics.

In a nutshell the pet industry is at least 20 years behind CPG or CE. However, it is changing. Luckily the dog food companies owned by Colgate and P&G keep things professional. For most, it is an industry where anyone with a zip-lock bag of home

[caption id="attachment_601" align="alignright" width="150" caption="No offense to my old client, but this is not the right approach to Pet Marketing."]Hemp For Hounds[/caption]

baked dog treats can slap a label drawn with crayon on the front and be in the pet biz! The barriers to entry are low and the potential for riches great (at least that is how the story goes).

I started the pet marketing ad and consulting agency, Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. to help start-ups become more professional. It has been a struggle. It’s not easy professionalizing an industry where many people attend trade shows in a t-shirt and flip-flops. Add to that the pig headed nature of entrepreneurs (me included!) who thinks they know everything and you have a recipe for disaster!

So if you are thinking about getting into the pet business or are already in and not seeing much success here are a few tips to help you get off to a good start.

1. Develop a good, benefit brand name and logo. Get professional help if you need it. So many times I work with clients that have a pretty good product, but the name is terrible and has nothing to do with the product itself. Making it worse, the logo looks like it was created by a second grader (and probably was).

2. Create a real packaging design. In most cases, the packaging is the most important piece of marketing you can invest in. It is your “silent salesman”. Will it stand out among the competition on shelf?

3. You need more than 1 SKU. Yes you do. No really, yes you do. Depending on the category you need 6 – 12 SKUs to have an impact. Buyers hate 1 SKU lines. So do I and so should you.

4. Set a marketing budget. You need one. There are so many options today to market your product and not spend an arm and a leg. You need to spend something. If you think business is free, don’t spend anything and save yourself a lot of time and effort and NOT start the business at all.

Want more helpful tips? Read my pet marketing whitepaper or watch my video.

And of course if you need personalized help navigating this crazy business, give me a call at 718-218-4PET or email me at john.cullen@bulldogms.com.