Bulldog Marketing & Sales Launches Strategic Consulting Services

Agency makes its Pet Marketing Expertise Accessible To Companies of all Sizes


(Bronx, NY) December 2, 2014
- Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. (www.bulldogms.com) today announced the launch of its Strategic Consulting Services.  Bulldog is the pet marketing and sales agency formed by industry veteran John Cullen to provide entrepreneurs, start-ups, and mid-sized organizations access to top level marketing talent without the expensive overhead. Bulldog’s Strategic Consulting Services guides organizations (of any size) on overall business management, strategy, marketing, sales and much more.


“We realized that some companies simply need advice and strategic direction,” said John Cullen, Bulldog’s Principal. “Our plans start at only $900 with no monthly commitment making our expertise budget friendly”.


For as little as $900 a new or existing company can have a pet marketing and sales expert on tap to answer tough questions like, “Where should I advertise?”, “How do I go-to-market?”, “How do I get an appointment at Petco?” or ,“How do I produce my products in China?”.  Bulldog’s years of expertise in the pet industry make it uniquely qualified to answer these types of questions and more. Simply put, Bulldog can help an organization achieve its objectives faster and cheaper than going it alone.


The award winning Tuggo Dog Toy company and the new, innovative Pettag+ Pet Activity Tracker have already signed up for Bulldog’s new services.


“Bulldog’s pet industry expertise has already been a significant asset to my business,” said Adam Harrington, Owner of Tuggo Dog Toys. “From pricing and media negotiation to press release writing and finding independent reps, Bulldog’s SPet Marketing Consultant | Bulldog Marke…trategic Consulting Services really deliver.”


Learn more about Bulldog’s Strategic Consulting Services by reviewing its capabilities presentation at  www.bulldogms.com/strategic-marketing-consulting/.


About Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc.

Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. is a full service pet marketing agency formed in September, 2009. It has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience ranging from marketing strategy to new product development and retail sell-in. It has increased sales and developed new products for the Fortune 500 as well as for start-ups. Marketing, sales and product expertise includes: Pet Products, Consumer Packaged Goods and Consumer Electronics.  Bulldog is headquartered in the Bronx, NY. For more information, visit www.bulldogms.com.

Tuggo Dog Toy Takes Pet Industry by Storm & Racks up Awards

(Hendersonville, TN) December 9, 2014 – Tuggo Dog Toy, LLC (www.tuggodogtoy.com) today officially announced its launch into the Pet Industry.   The Tuggo™ is a patented, water-weighted tug dog toy.  The brand was soft- launched at Global Pet Expo 2014 and received critical acclaim by winning a place in the much coveted Becker’s Best New Pet Products. Tuggo is the brainchild of Adam Harrington of Hendersonville, TN. Harrington got the idea after seeing his Boxer named Hailey playing with a heavy bowling ball in his front yard. He knew that shipping bowling balls would be a problem due to the weight. By using a tough, hard and hollow plastic ball and letting the customer add the water and thus the weight, the Tuggo was born.

“Pet owners are pressed for time,” said Harrington. “Tuggo provides a way for a dog to play tug-o-war by itself or with another dog. This provides dogs with entertainment, exercise and mental stimulation.”


Harrington has had a hard time keeping up with demand. Tuggo appeared on the Today Show earlier this year and he sold thousands of units in a matter of minutes. Tuggo has also received a Family Choice Award and most recently a Pet Business Industry Recognition Award.


The Tuggo is available in two sizes (10’ and 7’ diameter) and three colors (red, blue and green).  A shipper display with a 10” motion activated LCD screen demonstrating the product is now available which holds 16- 10” Tuggos and 36- 7” Tuggos. The Tuggo is available for sale on the company’s website and at hundreds of pet dealers nationwide. Special promotions are now being offered to new dealers. To become a Tuggo dealer, call 800-297-4008 or email wholesale@tuggodogtoy.com.



About Tuggo Dog Toy, LLC

Tuggo Dog Toy, LLC is the parent company which markets and sells the patented Tuggo brand Water-Weighted Tug dog toy. This one-of-a-kind toy is the perfect solution for providing dogs with exercise, entertainment and mental stimulation. The company is headquartered in Hendersonville, TN. For more information, visit www.tuggodogtoy.com.