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Top 10 Ways to Market Your Pet Product FOR FREE!

1. Submit your product description (30 - 50 words) and product picture to:


Simply email the editor.

If you have enough distribution and it makes sense, also submit to www.dogfancy.com and www.catfancy.com if your product is dog or cat related.

2. Send a press release to the above publications announcing your business, why you started it and where you are headed. Everything is news. Get a new distributor? Add a new flavor? Send a release. Target sending these publications a release once a month. Yes a press release can be one simple paragraph.

3. Submit your press release to www.free-press-release.com.

4. Have your product reviewed by zootoo.com.

5. Have your product reviewed by tppc.tv.

6. Set up a Facebook fan page. Get your current customers to become fans, then ask them to recruit their friends as fans.www.facebook.com.

7. Set up a Twitter account. www.twitter.com and start following fellow pet product marketers. You can start by simply searching on terms like "Dog product" or "Pet product". Make sure you follow the major publications like Pet Business.

8. Contact pet manufacturers reps. They only get paid if they sell. If someone wants a retainer - run! These reps have access to hundreds of mom & pops, small chains and distributors who may be looking to carry your product.

9. Donate product to a local shelter and ask them to give out coupons for your brand. You can also donate to many pet related causes that hold events. This is called an "in-kind" donation. The recipient of your product donation will be happy to plug you at the event. You can Google "Pet Charity" to find a starting list or simply start with your local ASPCA. Technically this isn't free but it's pretty close.

10. Create a simple FLIP style video about your product and post it on www.youtube.com.

Need more help? Contact us at info@bulldogms.com.

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