Marketing Research

Marketing Research


What do consumers think about your product? Let’s find out using the same techniques as Proctor & Gamble.

Importance of Marketing Research

In order to succeed in any business, it is important to develop the right marketing strategy. However, in order to develop the right marketing strategy, you need to know your market. Only then will you be able to evaluate, quantify, and address your market in the right way.

How Can Bulldog Help?

At Bulldog Marketing and Sales Inc., we provide insightful and tactical marketing research solutions to help you stay updated and ready to deal with almost any sort of marketing and business challenges. Not just simple market research but at Bulldog, we take time to understand your industry and associated business challenges to provide a detailed and customized marketing research methodology.

Whether you need to find out customer’s feedback about your product or check what your competitor is up to, we are here to help. We provide organizations with the essential market intelligence using proven market research and consultancy practices.  Our marketing research services extend to:

  1. Online Research and Surveys: With the rapid expansion and growth of internet and email communications, this has become one of the most sought after and successful market research techniques. Online surveys harness the speed of the internet and help companies gather first hand feedback directly from their customers, as well as from potential customers quickly and inexpensively.
  2. Face to Face Research: There is nothing like having a direct conversation with people regarding what they expect and what they want from your products or services. Our face to face research involves getting direct inputs from participants and involving them in an engaging conversation in the presence of an experienced interviewer.
  3. Telephone Surveys: When you have a user base distributed over a large geography, telephone surveys come in handy. At Bulldog, we implement computer assisted methodologies to collect a large amount of data in real time.

In addition to all this, we also offer mail surveys, and mystery shopping research services. To know more about our research services and find how we can help, Contact us