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Importance of Promotional Activities 

Promotional activities are a key element in driving the success of any marketing strategy. A promotional activity can stimulate the behavior of yours’ (or your competitors’) customers and can lure them into making their first purchase from you. Or if someone has already used your products, this may stimulate him to buy additional products from your offering.

Bulldog Can Help 

No matter what your marketing objective is, at Bulldog, we can design a promotional program to help you achieve your objectives.  Our marketing and promotional services are designed from the most basic level and can be as complex as is required by your objectives and budget. We bundle together a number of services together to design a promotional plan that reaches your audience where they shop.  From account specific promotions to national consumer promotions – we do it all.

We understand that the marketing arena and competition rapidly changes on a daily basis. Therefore, we are constantly developing our promotional activities to stay abreast with the ever changing demographics so that we can effectively market our client’s business and provide them with the greatest possible outcome.

Our Services for Promotional Activities 
At Bulldog Marketing and Sales, Inc., we provide comprehensive packages covering all aspects of promotion, marketing, and branding suited for every business type. We make use of all available media in order to be able to communicate clearly with the target market. Our promotional strategy can be a mix of few or all of:

  • Social media marketing and campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Print Distribution
  • Brand creation and strategy
  • Text messaging campaign
  • Database creation
  • Trained promotion staff
  • Account Specific
  • National Consumer

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