Public Relations

Public Relations


There have never been more ways to communicate with your target market than today. Print, television, radio, Internet, Social media, direct mail – the list of mediums seems to be endless. But, an organization (especially a small one) may not be able to make use of all the mediums together due to budget limitations. So, how can a company decide which medium is best to boost Public Relations (PR)?

We Are Here to Help

At Bulldog, we use decades of marketing experience in order to design PR campaigns that make use of the right mediums and help you get best value for your money. In short, our working methodology is based on some simple steps

  • Creating a powerful message
  • Setting an affordable budget
  • Using the best possible medium to spread the message within the allocated budget
  • Engaging industry influencers
  • Blogger outreach

Our Aim is Simple – To Help You Reach More Media

Our PR and marketing team is experienced in designing PR strategies for fast growing companies. What makes us different from the competition is that our focus is not only on marketing but also the impact an effective PR strategy can have on your business – on driving sales and on boosting website traffic. Our services for PR and marketing include:

  • Designing an effective marketing strategy to help you achieve your business goals
  • Raise awareness about your company in press and media to generate sales leads
  • Making you more visible on the Internet, social media, and event or print
  • Making your advertising more effectively so that you get better ROI for every penny spent
  • Increasing the value added from your media spent in all media

We offer a complete portfolio of PR services including brand building, press coverage, market research, telemarketing, event management, viral marketing, email marketing, and much much more. When it comes to boosting your Public Relations profile, Bulldog definitely knows how to do it.

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