Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing


Use pay-per-click to close more sales.  Be in the top 3 ads on Google searches. Sell more today.

Why Choose Bulldog for Your Search Engine Marketing Services?

Bulldog is a marketing consulting firm specialized, but not limited to, marketing for the pet industry for small scale, mid-sized, and start-up companies.  We understand that the marketing budget for a small company is limited, and therefore, the SEM marketing budget is limited as well. At Bulldog, our aim is to design the best SEM plan for you to help you leverage the maximum benefit no matter what your budget!

Under the expert leadership of John Cullen, the team members working on your SEM and Pay Per Click campaign are fully qualified in Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, and Yahoo.

How does SEM at Bulldog Work?

Before we begin any SEM campaign, we work on an initial consultation phase. In this phase, we communicate and discuss your objectives with your management team.  We try to understand what you are expecting from your paid SEM campaign. Once this information is gathered, we then work in collaboration with our PPC team to design a customized and well-balanced campaign for your business.

What to Expect from Our PPC Campaign –

  • Free initial audit
  • Dedicated, qualified Google Adwords experts
  • Regular communication, transparency in service and bi-monthly reports
  • Regular monitoring and suggestions for improvement in overall web marketing strategies
  • Detailed keyword analysis and focus only on the right keywords for your specific business
  • Incorporation of suggestions from you and your management team

You can Contact us for a free PPC audit of your existing Adwords account. Ours is a no charge, no-obligation audit service.