Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Get ranked organically on the first page of the major Search Engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo.

What is SEO According to Bulldog?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or organic SEO as we call it at Bulldog is an inexpensive alternative to paid SEM that gives your website a boost by getting top rankings in organic search engine results without all the expenses of paid media. When a campaign is created from an experienced provider like Bulldog, organic SEO can help in accelerating targeted search driven traffic to your website.

According to research from industry experts as many as 80% of visitors trust the natural results showed in search engine listings as compared to the sponsored (paid) ones. Therefore, in order to succeed as an online or e-commerce business, one needs their website to be properly optimized to rank well for all the major search engines.

Experience, No Long Term Contacts & No Empty Promises

Well, this is the case with most SEO companies. They claim to offer you guaranteed placement and want you to sign long term contracts with them. However, Organic SEO is often easier said than done and most companies fail to live up to their promises. Typically, once you have entered into a contract and have made a hefty payment, you have no way to escape. By the time the contract is over, you have already lost a lot of time and money with no results.

So, how can one find a genuine company? With the ever-changing Google indexing parameters, a firm needs a lot of expertise, experience, and knowledge to get good Organic SEO results. Therefore, a company that claims to know everything about Google and promises to get you Ranked #1 is the first to be removed from your list.

What Makes Bulldog Marketing & Sales Different?

At Bulldog MS, we prefer to do things differently.  With an industry veteran like John Cullen on board, we have a completely transparent and result oriented working methodology. Before we accept your website for an SEO project, we prepare a complete analysis report of your website stating its current ranking status and other related parameters. Then, we provide our clients with a plan regarding the next course of action along with the milestone we can achieve and the time frame. We check the content, keyword density, and other key indexing parameters for your website to suggest required changes for better SEO performance

Instead of promising guaranteed top 10 results in one month, we give you a clear indication of the current status and what to expect within the agreed timeline. We don’t force you into long term contracts or make any false promises. We deliver what we say.  Contact us today and ask for a free SEO analysis of your website to find out about the results we can