NutralifePet Introduces SAMe Joint & Liver Support Product

Lakewood, NJ – (June 10, 2013) NutralifePet, a division of Nutralife Health Products, Inc., announced today the launch of its Joint & Liver Support product containing the active ingredient SAMe into the pet trade.  Popularized by the company in the late 90’s for humans, SAMe is a key ingredient that supports the lubrication of joints (supporting joint mobility) and the detoxification of the liver in both humans & pets.

“We knew many of our customers were buying SAMe for their pets and seeing results,” said Avigail Glass, President of NutralifePet.  “Pets have their own unique health needs, so we set out to design a product that would meet them… and NutralifePet was born!”

SAMe, or S-Adenosyl Methionine, is a naturally occurring substance found in all living beings.  SAMe in its biological form contributes to a pet’s health through many chemical processes.  The processes can affect both liver and joint health in animals.  It is also a potent antioxidant and power liver detoxifier.  SAMe also helps support cartilage production in the joints and may help maintain the molecules that are critical for the lubrication of joints.  SAMe supplementation is often recommended to maintain healthy joints in pets.

NutralifePet has undergone a rigorous audit by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), an industry association that promotes the health and well-being of animals that are given supplements, and has been awarded an “A” rating.  This rating recognizes the company’s pledge and continued compliance with the NASC requirements which are the highest current standards in the industry.

The Joint & Liver Support product is available in a variety of tablet sizes and dosages to accurately meet the needs of pets of all different sizes.  MSRP is between $19.99 and $39.99.

For more information visit or contact John Cullen at Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc., or call 855-456-4738 to request a sample, a hi-res image or to schedule an interview.

About NutralifePet

NutralifePet is a division of Nutralife Health Products, Inc., a pioneer in the SAMe market.  The company has been supplying health-conscious people with high quality dietary supplements since 1996.  Formed in 2010, NutralifePet’s mission is to bring high quality SAMe based and other nutritional supplement products designed specifically for pets to market.  The company is headquartered in Lakewood, NJ.  For more information please visit

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